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CCFW is owned and operated by women for women of the Carolinas and the Southeast. The goal of our clinic is to have all women provided with the most up-to-date, safe and efficient health care including individualized contraceptive plans, problem pregnancy counseling, general wellness exams, and a safe, supportive haven for abortion services. We are located in Charlotte, NC Call for an appointment 704-367-2255.


young lady in counseling sessionIndividual counseling is available to help explore feelings regarding pregnancy and the alternatives available. Professional counselors lead discussions of the female reproductive system, birth control, and abortion methods.

After your Procedure

physician discussing after effects of procedureImportant Information regarding what to expect after your procedure.




Abortion Options:

young girl making a decisionVarious abortion methods are available depending on specific circumstances surrounding your pregnancy. Medical abortion by pill, and surgical abortion are amoung the choices which can be discussed during your visit.



The Law

picture of US Supreme Court"We recognize the right of the individual, married or single, to be free from unwarranted governmental intrusion into matters so fundamentally affecting a person as the decision whether to bear or beget a child. That right necessarily includes the right of a women to decide whether or not to terminate her pregnancy. "

U. S. Supreme Court Jan. 22, 1975

Additonal Resources:

Helpful Information

picture of www on web searchClick here for additional resources like funding help, counseling and other important informational links.

Updated: September 22, 2011



Safety, Security and Privacy

Carolina Center for Women is fully licensed and inspected by the state of North Carolina. We use the most up-to-date procedures and equipment to ensure a trouble-free experience. Our clinic is located in a vast medical complex consisting of various medical and healthcare practices. This eliminates many of the privacy issues associated with a stand-alone clinic.


Our Physicians and Staff

CCFW is owned and operated by women for women. You can be assured of service provided by pro-choice professionals intent on making your experience at the clinic as pleasant and comfortable as possible.



You can rest assured that our staff follows very strict confidentiality guidelines. Your records are shared with no one without your approval.


Testimonials from our patients:

"I have to say that from the first phone call to sitting here in the recovery room, all personnel have been incredible, sensitive (very important in this area), informative (all questions answered completely), and very professional. Thank you - Thank you. I have been very sad about this pregnancy and you have all made it as painless as possible, emotionally and physically."

"I truly felt like the worst person in the world making this decision. Everyone in this establishment has made me feel more positive about my decision due to their professionalism, dedication and true concern. I thank each and every one of you!"

"I just thank you so much for making this experience so comfortable and for being so understanding. I am unhappy that this had to happen but I am glad I found such good care. Thank you all. Also the security measures were a great comfort."

"I think that its very important for the whole staff of CCFW to know that everyone whom I interacted with today was absolutely wonderful. This type of procedure and the decision to have it is by no means easy. However, the care which I received today made my experience as pleasant as possible. This is an exceptional clinic and everyone went out of their way to really make me feel comfortable and at ease. You are all wonderful."

"I had my procedure today and I just wanted to tell you how pleasant the whole experience was! My counselor was the sweetest person and made me feel so comfortable. It was quite painful during the procedure because I am extremely sensitive but it was over very quickly. I felt very safe and supported and everyone was super friendly. You are doing such a great service and (though I NEVER want to go through the procedure again) I will definitely recommend your clinic to anyone that asks me. All the instructions were explained very well and the website was also helpful. I even enjoyed being around the other women who were there, comforting their anxiety helped me with my own. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for everything. If it were not for my family's pro-life stance I would give you a 5-star review on every website I could find!!! Again, thank you so much for such a pleasant experience.

Much love and well wishes for a long and fulfilling life for CCFW."


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Compassionate and Professional care for Women
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